Rugby Finals - 2015

Glenvista High School competed this term in the Kudu League which included schools such as: Saheti, Mondeor High, Marion College, Reddam House and Greenside. On Saturday 6 June we played in the Final against Greenside. It was a well matched game with Glenvista High winning the game and the Kudu League Cup. The final score was 13-7. Well done to Coach Lionel and Ms Botha for their dedication and to the boys who competed.

Rugby02 Rugby04
Rugby05 Rugby06
Rugby08 Rugby07



Matric Results - 2014

Pass Rate: 98.5% (270 candidates)

Bachelor Passes: 70%

Diploma Passes: 23%

Total Number of Distinctions: 222

Events & Dates

27 April - Public Holiday (Freedom Day)
29 April - Cycle Test Day
1 May - Public Holiday (Workers Day)
6 May - Cycle Test Day
8 May - Cycle Test Day
13 May - Cycle Test Day
15 May - Cycle Test Day
28 May - Mid-Year Exam starts
15 June - School Holiday
16 June - Public Holiday (Youth Day)
19 June - Mid-Year Exams end
22 -26 June - Revising of Mid-Year Exams
and 3rd Term curriculum.
29 June - 3 July - Winter School


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