About Glenvista High School

Glenvista High is a co-educational school situated in the heart of the area that is known as the “New South’. Whether in the classroom or on the school grounds, one has the magnificent view of the surrounding koppies, unique to Johannesburg.

Our school opened its doors in 1988 to 114 learners and 9 educators. The remainder of the buildings was completed the following year and the development of the sports fields and school grounds got underway. On 8 September 1990, Dr. P. H. Bredenkamp, the then Director of Education, officially opened Glenvista High.

Glenvista High has a large complement of learners numbering over 1400. Applications far exceed vacancies and only learners within the feeder area can be accommodated. Glenvista High is a growing school, which continually strives to create and uphold certain expected traditions. Learners and educators work together to create an educated and happy future. Our school culture encourages a spirit of enquiry, creativity and involvement. Glenvista High is vibrant and dynamic with facilities of an extremely high standard.


Glenvista High School offers a wide variety of subjects, a lot more than most high schools in Johannesburg. From Grade 10 onwards learners have can choose between the choice subjects - Accounting, Business Studies, Economics, Physical Science, Life Science, Geography, History, Consumer Studies, Engineering Graphics and Design, Tourism, Computer Application Technology and Information Technology.


Our school has been chosen each year as one of the top feeder schools for both University of Johannesburg and WITS. Glenvista High participates in subject olympiads wherever possible and learners are encouraged to participate from Grade 8 to 12. We participate in every possible sporting code and cultural activity, competing against all types of schools - private and government.



Glenvista has a wide range of facilities available for Academics as well as Sport. We have 5 Science/Life Science laboratories, 2 Cooking laboratories, 1 Art Centre and 3 Computer centres. Our sporting facilities include - 1 Soccer / 2 Hockey fields, 1 Soccer / 4 Rugby fields, 4 Netball / Tennis courts and 1 Swimming pool.

GHS04 JuniorQuad01
JuniorQuad02 NetballCourts
RugbyField01 SwimmingPool